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一群山寨卡戴珊?侃爷的YEEZY SEASON 6又在玩啥新花样?

Kanye West Debuts Yeezy Season 6 With an Army of Kim Kardashian clones

第6季广告大片在instagram上全新曝光,侃爷找了一群网红打扮成卡戴珊的样子, 从狗仔的角度再现了卡戴珊2017最具标志性的偷拍照。

Yeezy season 6 debuted on Instagram with many key influencers photographed in his new collection in a Paparazzi style shoot emulating Kim K’s most iconic paparazzi photos for 2017.

此次大片由Carine Roitfeld掌镜,沿袭了Yeezy一贯的运动休闲风,采用灰白配色和白色厚底,不细想还真以为是一众名媛争相模仿卡戴珊,晒在instagram上的街拍照,实际上却是在为Yeezy第6季宣传造势呢。

The shots, styled by Carine Roitfeld, featured Yeezy’s signature athleisure looks in monochrome hues and chunky white sneak ; what initially seemed like a trending emulation of celebrities and it girls cloning Kim K on Instagram, turned out to be the new collection for Yeezy season 6.

不管你是不是Yeezy粉,都不得不承认侃爷是“快时尚”数码大片的引导者。像侃爷、卡戴珊,乃至巴黎世家的创意总监Demna Gvasalia这样的网络先锋,他们引导着我们的品味与欲求,怂恿我们买买买。于是,新型的数码语言应运而生,事实证明它们取得了巨大成功,符号、标识、表情和劲爆新闻都被冠以”ad“的标签。

Fan of Yeezy or not, there’s no denying that he has created a new form of ‘fast fashion’ digital campaigning. With internet pioneers Kanye, Kim and even Demna Gvasalia of Balenciaga dictating how we view, covet and eventually buy things we see online, a new language of e-pr has been designed and it seems to be proving successful, a wordless language of symbols, signals, emojis and hot bombshells before being signed off with the hashtag “ad”.

Kim Kardashian and Yeezy season 6

“不管他是否真的在推销服装、扮演上帝,还是自娱自乐,这些尝试都不禁让人联想起1966年Marshall McLuhan发表的先知文‘网络化与文化’:‘电子时代的到来,意味着我们每个人都身处其中,重新塑造着身份。’说得通俗点,我们既能粉别人也能被人粉。”-- Vogue 2018

‘Whether he’s ultimately marketing clothes, playing god, or just having fun, the experiment recalls a prescient passage in Marshall McLuhan’s 1966 essay “Cybernation and Culture”: “The electronic age, by creating instant involvement of each of us in all people, has begun to re-pattern the very nature of identity.” In other words, now that we’re all influencers, we’re all followers.’ --Vogue 2018


No Photos! Balenciaga debuts paparazzi SS18 campaign with Body Guards as a must have accessory


The Balenciaga campaign follows the footsteps of theYeezy Season 6 concept of recreating iconic paparazzi recreated shots of Kim K and her platinum blonde clones. It seems fashion is embracing the glare of the paparazzi in 2018, as opposed to trying to escape it.

整组大片呈现了狗仔队偷拍的所有特征:挡镜头、皮衣遮脸,甚至模拟了被偷拍后落荒而逃的景象。唯一能与真正的偷拍照区分开的就是模特们用坠满装饰品的新款链条包遮脸,又恰好在巴黎Rue Saint Honoré街的品牌旗舰店门口,不偏不倚地露出那副夸张的耳饰。

The campaign was shot with all the hallmarks of classic paparazzi footage: cropped-out faces , bodyguard in leather coats, along withmodels trying to escape from the shots. What really sets the images apart from actual pap shots is that the models are blocking their faces with statement bags featuring charm bracelet straps, with their heads tilted on purpose to showcase their heavy, graphic earrings in front of the brand’s flagship store in Rue Saint Honoré, Paris.


In tune with social media expectations, Balenciaga released a new photo on the hour, every hour, keeping us enticed and refreshing our pages to keep on top of the newest trends, fitting in well with how we use our accounts already. Both designers had turned to tabloids for inspiration and we could not help but wonder why.

Balenciaga No Photos

曾几何时,明星找不到合适的平台展现自己的日常风格,只能通过狗仔们的偷拍。起初,偷拍只是揭露明星和模特私生活的一种方式。不像卡戴珊姐妹和Hadid,就算是Kate Moss、Naomi Campbell和Cindy Crawford这样的90年代名媛,也没有一款app能够展示自己塞满设计师品牌的衣柜,或是当天的着装,她们只有依赖摄影师的镜头,记录她们的一举一动。

There was once a time when celebs did not have a suitable platform to showcase their off-duty styles, but via paparazzi shots. It started off as a means to see inside the lives of celebs and models kept secret from the public. Unlike the Kardashians and Hadids, the I.t girls of the 90’s including Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford did not have an app to show off their designer wardrobes, and their outfits of the day, instead they relied on the flashing lights of photographers documenting their every move.


The glamorousfashion shows of the 90’s are long gone and instead we have entertainment events used for paparazzi eyeballing on social media.

Dont Shoot Italian Vogue 90's

要说玩偷拍概念也不是什么新鲜事,2006年 Nicole Richie 就曾出镜 Jimmy Choo以偷拍为灵感的广告大片,巴黎世家的新片很容易让人联想起90年代意大利版Vogue“不要拍”的主题创作,模特们就是用包袋或是其他配件遮脸的,但借助社交媒体重推“偷拍艺术”还是头一回,很可能会成为未来零售的主导方向。

It is nothing we have’nt seen before with Nicole Richie’s paparazzi inspired shoot for Jimmy Choo in 2006, and Balenciaga’s latest campaign calls to mind the ‘Don’t shoot’ story for Italian vogue back in the nineties which also saw models cover their faces with bags and other accessories, but this reinvention through social media is a current and predictive trend for the future of retail.


Millennials are the most marketing savvy generation yet, they think twice of advertisers and know the tricks and trades of the industry.

“社交购物并非是种潮流;而是一股重新定义商业本质的力量,Instagram商店正是其中的领头羊。” 《福布斯》2017

‘Social shopping is not a trend; it’s a force redefining the very essence of commerce, and Instagram Stories leads the charge.’ Forbes 2017


According to a study on Forbes, 92% of consumers believe an influencer more than a celebrity endorsed traditional advert creating stronger potential conversion for many brands.

Hunger Marketing

玩转饥饿营销的霸主:Supreme、Off White和Yeezy等街头潮牌是目前利用Instagram/Snapchat炒作得最成功的。瞄准年轻的千禧一代,怂恿他们去购买限量版产品,库存变得至关重要,因为全球的千禧一代都在迫切地炫耀卖弄,渴望自己有朝一日也能在Instagram上出人头地。

The current kings of hunger marketing; Supreme, Off White, Yeezy etc, are the main streetstyle brands behind some of the most successful insta/snapchat stunts of our decade. Targeting young millennials to purchase limited exclusive items whilst stocks last has never been so important than ever before as the current global millennials have the thirst to show off that insta-tease trend of reaching instafame.


Bearing this in mind, and mixing in the current craze to be ‘instafamous’, Yeezy and Balenciaga’s campaign evoke this message in order to speak to their new generation . This may also be the natural lead to Instagram opening its ‘in app’ e-commerce function in the future.

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