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The Nomadic Millennial Drift


Few things are as appealing as a life where travel is on always at your door step, and as more people abandon their desk jobs for the sandy terrains of the beach and the luxuries of working freelance, we see a continuous rise in ‘digital nomads’. They have embedded into society whilst combining remote working and travel to offer a lifestyle most of us are envious of, but how sustainable is this lifestyle?


Digital nomads are for the most part, millennials who tend to have different aspirations from the generations before them did; Marriage, settling down, and climbing the corporate ladder are not as important to us as it was for our parents. Marriage levels are decreasing, home ownership is also on the down with house prices continuously rising making it difficult to get on the property ladder, so why not explore the world you live in whilst you remain commitment-less through owning less and living more?

Digital Nomadic Drift


Digital vagabonds are millennials apt to remote working, showing how it’s possible travel the world whilst taking on the life of a minimalistic nomad’ as said by an article on millennial magazine. In America, over one third of the current workforce are freelancers, and it’s predicted that the percentage of remote workers could increase to50%by 2025. Luckily this digital work trend complements the emerging living trend. Withfewer jobsavailable in the western economy, millennials have been forced to get creative about employment opportunities. They’re obsessed with the freedom associated with running their own businesses from faraway coffee shops and have found a way to do so on a budget.” €€cheatsheet


With a growing number of people continuously joining this movement for freedom in work and play, this free flowing lifestyle is not just a ‘phase’ but a viable lifestyle for the long term. This desire to see the world and experience new cultures and traditions also comes with an appetite to help save the planet. This also impacts the way businesses work today, creating a boom opportunity for co-living environments and a sharing economy focusing on optimizing experiences rather than material benefits.


Whilst on their epic adventure, every traveler is conscious of their actions and impact on the environment, trying to make wise choices when it comes down to travel, clothing, accommodation, and food. One brand helping us make this steps towards living sustainably is pinqponq.


受当代艺术、音乐、会话交谈和日常生活的启发,德国pinqponq为实用主义游民设计了一系列人造材质的背包和饰品。受善待动物组织认可,又是Bluesign€€的成员,该品牌致力于去除供应链中任何对人体有害的物质。这些双肩包的织物100%来自回收的 PET 塑料瓶,当长途跋涉遇到严苛的行李重量限额时,它们就是你的完美搭档。

Inspired by contemporary art, music, and conversations of the everyday life, German brand,pinqponqcreated a range of vegan friendly bags and accessories to suit every utilitarian with a nomadic lifestyle. PETA approved and a recognized system partner of Bluesign€€, the brand supports a system that aims to exclude all toxic chemicals from the supply chain. Made from 100% recycled PET bottles, these backpacks are the perfect travel companion for all those long-haul flights that come with a restricted weight allowance.

千禧一代似乎不再按照父辈的期望生活。如果这一趋势继续发展,数字游民可能会将这种自由的生活方式进行到底,看起来,pinqponq早在与Sneaker Freaker杂志合作时就已洞察了一切,设计了带有商标、多色可选的Cubik medium、Karavan及Brik系列,以及那些在机场路过便定会过目不忘的时尚饰品。

It seems that millennials are gradually abandoning these expectations set by generations before them. If this trend continues, digital nomads may choose to continue their life of travel indefinitely, and it seems like pinqponq had this in mind when putting together the ‘Sneaker Freaker’ series, a collection of their trademark Cubik medium, Karavan, and Brik available in a range of colours- the fashion accessories you envy over at the airport.


‘Every pinqponq product is the result of an ambitious process: we observe what lifestyle and fashion affine people need and create according to these demands. Our products are loved and used in equal shares: pinqponq is appreciated for style as well as function. Making a fashion statement without the fuzz that fashion often makes.’ -pinqponq


The digital nomadic drift will allow millenials to soon take more control of their working days; they may well work remotely for the entire week, or break it up with a few days exploring in between, but either way the control is in their hands leaving a more balanced room for creativity, freedom and exploration making this lifestyle unforgettable and creating a catalyst for personal growth and self discovery.

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